Buster Activitymat Task Rat Trap – Level 2

Buster Activitymat Task Rat Trap – Level 2 4 out of 5 based on 30 ratings.

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The BUSTER ActivityMat has already won these TWO awards in 2016: The basic BUSTER ActivityMat has 35 press-studs placed 35 cm apart. You can attach different tasks to the mat, most of them with varying levels of difficulty depending on whether you fold the tasks or leave them open. The mat fits one or more tasks at the same time.

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Buster Activity Mat Task – Rat Trap (Level 2).

Please note that it is essential to use the basic BUSTER ActivityMat with the individual tasks. 07880 923000.

Challenge your dog with this Buster ActivityMat Task Rat Trap. which gives your canine friend an interactive activity that they will find stimulating, keeping boredom at bay. This Rainbow Purse activity is designed to be used with the basic Buster ActivityMat (not included), and is a 2-in-1 task consisting of an oblong bag which is attached to the mat by means of a press stud in each corner.

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