Fatcat Classic Tailchasers

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Fat Cat Classic Tailchasers are high flying toys for cats. Simply toss them accross the room and watch your cat pounce and play. ns.common:resources.productPageLoadedText. Menu Navigation. Search.

FAT CAT® Classic Tail Chasers® have a 15" TAIL for great chasing fun for your cat. This is a high-flying kitty activation toy and your cat will.

Fat Cat Classic Tailchasers. High-flying kitty action with The Tail Chasers. This toy has 15 inch tail for great chasing fun. Now with added fluff and a pom-pom tail.

Fat Cat Classic TailChasers Classic TailChasers (Assorted) has a 15in Tail for great chasing fun for your cat! This is a high-flying kitty activation toy, and your cat.

Hours of great chasing fun for your kitty with the FatCat Classic Tailchasers! This fabulous cat toy has a whopping tail that makes it totally irresistible to your feline friend, especially if you dangle it – just watch your pet try to jump up at it.

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