Savic Residence Dog Car Crate 91cm

Savic Residence Dog Car Crate 91cm 4 out of 5 based on 13 ratings.

Decided to order this (91cm wide version) after seeing more detailed dimensions on the Savic website and to my delight it fits in the bootspace snugly although the rear seats have to be folded forwards, but we can cope with this until we buy a bigger car to fit the dog and his crate!

Collapsible metal wire dog crate, L91 x W57 x H62cm. Savic Dog Residence crates are reknowned for their quality, durability and design and offer excellent value for money. Perfectly suited to both crate training and travelling around Ireland, it’s easily assembled and collapsible for easy storage or for using in your car.

Divider for Savic Dog Residence – Crates and Dog Cages This divider can be used to adjust the size of the Savic Dog Crate to allow the crate to.

Only fits the Savic Dog Residence Cage.

Medium: Fits the 76cm crate

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With this Savic Mobile Dog Residence Car Crate, Wide, you can provide your dog with a safe and secure place to rest during car journeys. With its sloping front and higher lip on the door, this is the ideal travel companion for your dog as it fits nicely into the boot of 5 door cars, while the raised door allows for easy access once the crate is in place.

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