Wave Cat Scratcher

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This post was contributed by a community member. This month chewy.com sent me a fabulously compact cat scratcher, OurPets The Wave Curved Cat Scratcher that is in the shape of a wave. Cat scratching i.

And then there was the cat factor. While I regularly trim our cat’s nails, he is still a cat, which means scratching and stretching are part.

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4 Reasons You Can’t Leave Your Cat Home Alone Over the Holidays – You never know what could happen to a cat left alone for too long. One of my cats got his nail stuck on his scratching post and was hanging.

Some horror stories: "During a heat wave, one cat had he.

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Cat scratching post and cat tree are good choices to keep a cat in house and find many more activities for its boring daily lives. Crazy Sales provides you cat trees and cat scratchers in various types.

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel 5 stars! You should also get at least one planet. I wanted to indicate my great pleasure in receiving your cat exercise wheel. Its design is perfect and, though it takes a bit of effort, assembling it is easy if one follows the instructions. Well, here’s an idea – how about a feline-sized hamster wheel?

My friend’s cat went crazy over this cat scratcher and loved the feather toy that dangles from the side. He literally flipped on his back and batted the thing around and then tried to.

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