Sureflap Microchip Pet Door

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Inaugural CES Unveiled Amsterdam Debuts Tomorrow – A featured exhibitor at CES Unveiled Amsterdam is Sure Petcare. Sure Petcare will be showcasing the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect for the first time in the Netherlands. The world’s first app-con.

Finally coming to the pet tech space this summer: an app-controlled cat door that will tell you when your pet has left the building. RIP privacy for pets! UK firm SureFlap.

The forthcoming Microchi.

Check out this smart pet door that you control via your smartphone – then SureFlap’s smartphone-controlled pet door can help you out. The new Microchip Pet Door Connect technology is an expansion of SureFlap’s existing smart door that works with RFID-collared and micro.

Smart app-controlled microchip pet door SureFlap Hub required (sold separately) Lock/unlock the pet door remotely and change curfew times

The SureFlap microchip cat flap recognizes cats using their unique identification microchip number, unlocking only for your pet and preventing intruder cats and other animals from entering your home.

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