Rotastak Home Zone Triple Pod

Rotastak Home Zone Triple Pod 4 out of 5 based on 28 ratings.

Give your small furry friends an adventurous place to live with this Rotastak Home Zone Starter Kit. which comes with a load of features that will keep your hamsters, gerbils, mice and other similarly-sized small animals busy and happy.

Rotastak Home Zone Triple Pod ».

The Rotastak Home Zone Triple Pod Cage is the perfect home for your little furry friend! Any hamster will feel at home in this spacious, which features tree connected pods with everything they will need.

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Houston we have fun! The Rotastak Mission Pod plastic hamster cage will keep you and your small pet entertained for hours on end. This Space fantasy-themed wire and plastic hamster cage features Amazing Curvy Tubing that runs ‘up and over’ the cage like a catwalk.

Every day is an adventure with the Rotastak Adventure Zone. This small pet cage gives your tiny friend so many different spaces to explore, including a spacious maxi unit triple pod, as well as a round unit with a cozy attic bedroom.

Rotastak Home Zone Triple Pod, with three ‘rooms’ and an external wheel is a smart "pad" for your Hamster and can be further enhanced with accessories from the Home Zone range

The Rotastak Triple Pod contained everything needed for my granddaughter ‘s hamster. It all fitted together beautifully. I am very pleased with it and wouldn’t hesitate buying the same from Petplanet again.

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