Ancol Fluffy/feather Dangler

Ancol Fluffy/feather Dangler 5 out of 5 based on 30 ratings.

Ancol Fluffy Dangler Cat Wand is a fun toy to use with your cat to unleash their hunting instincts. With a long plastic handle to keep your fingers out of reach, the Fluffy Dangler wand has multi-coloured feathers to entice and motivate your cat to cha

Fun and interactive teaser toys for cats and kittens, the Ancol Fluffy Dangler is made with high quality feather materials to engage your cat and encourage play. Fulfilling your cat’s natural desire to chase and capture “prey”, the Ancol Fluffy Dangler is available in assorted colours, with bright, colourful feathers.

Watch cats go crazy with an Ancol Fluffy Dangler. With a long plume of feathers cats will stalk, run, jump and somersault to get at. Fluffy danglers provide hours of exercise and lots of amusement for cats and their owners.

Purrshire Cat Climber Activity Centre – Beige Thank you so much for going above and beyond to fix this small issue with my order. With customer service like this I have no doubt PetPlanet business will flourish. Udaan, Dabangg top winners at Filmfare Awards – Sexy Sam’s looking stunning in her beige and green gown! This girl surely knows how to. He

Appeal to your cat’s hunting instincts with this Ancol Fluffy/Feather Dangler. It is sure to become one of your feline friend’s favourite teaser toys. A great idea as it allows you to spend some interactive time with your pet. Your cat or kitten will chase after you and try to pounce and claw at the fluffy feathers.

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