Cosmic Catnip Bag Cat Toy

Cosmic Catnip Bag Cat Toy 5 out of 5 based on 26 ratings.

Buy the best cat & kitten toys from Petco. From refillable catnip toys to laser pointers and interactive cat toys, playtime will be that much more entertaining.

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This is a wonderful catnip toy. I bought it for my 16-year-old Siamese cat, who liked it, but didn’t go crazy over it. She rubbed her face all over it and drooled on it a little bit, but after about 5 minutes, she was pretty much done.

Welcome! Please note Prestige Pet Products is a wholesaler and does not sell directly to the public. CLICK HERE To find a stockist in your area. Prestige Pet Products is a family owned wholesale pet product company created 21 years ago.

When Bridget visits, she likes to bring along little toys and treats for my cats. That’s fine, but she also opens bags.


Your cat.

Toy $16 from Amazon. Everyone knows cats love laser pointers. But why not up the ante with this automatic rotating laser? “Variable speeds and timer settings offer 16 exciting play combin.

Show Your Cat What a Real Buzz Is with Organic Catnip – If your cat happens to be one who loves the herb, you can easily grow your own organic catnip.

catnip in bags. Pop the bags in the freezer to keep them fresh until your cat is ready for more. To ea.

Family owned wholesale pet product company Created in 1997, Prestige Pet Products is a family owned wholesale pet product company committed to providing our.

A faux animal print bag recently caught my attention at Petco. Since my three little darlins’ had not had a new toy in a few weeks.

Anyway, the new scrunchy cat sack with catnip has provided hours.

Mothra has taken over the cat toy universe as the most popular and beloved catnip toy for the 2018 holiday season! You don’t need to be a fan of Mothra, the 1961 cult sci fan film, to love our newest toy.

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