Vitafeed Essential Omega 3 Wellbeing Dog Food Additive – 225g Pouch

Vitafeed Essential Omega 3 Wellbeing Dog Food Additive – 225g Pouch 4 out of 5 based on 38 ratings.

Omega 3 fish oils are essential in your dog’s diet to aid growth and development in young dogs, to maintain optimal health and wellbeing throughout adulthood, and to significantly improve mobility in older dogs Many expensive pet foods already contain Omega 3, but the amount and type of oil used might not be sufficient for your pet’s needs.

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One 225g packet lasts a medium sized dog one month. Vitafeed Essential Omega 3 comes in three varieties:Wellbeing for everyday health, ideal for supplementing all foods especially raw and wet diets. Extra Vitality with added kelp – for very active or older dogs Weight Manager with added L-Carnitine – to assist dogs on a weight management programme.

The Vitafeed Essential Omega 3 Extra Vitality Dog Food Additive is a bio-active, gluten free base (ground corn cob) to produce an easy to use, free flowing meal that you simply add to your dog’s existing food and stir in. Essential Omega 3 Weight manager is also fortified with natural meat derived L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine is required in the metabolism of fats so they can be oxidised and converted into.

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