Good Girl Double Diner Plastic Cat Bowl

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This Good Girl Double Diner Plastic Cat Bowl. is a good looking and practical item, with its lozenge shape and twin bowls. Made from food-safe plastic, this double diner bowl is great for offering your pet a choice of foods, or kibble and water, and these versatile bowls can be used by cats,

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The multi-purpose Catit Double Diner for cats can be used for either food, water or a combination of both. The attractive, accent-colored outer dish blends with any home decor and the stainless steel inserts remove for easy cleaning. The Catit Double Diner is dishwasher safe and is the ideal accessory for putting your cats meals in.

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Good Girl Double Diner Plastic Cat Bowl is available online with fast delivery from VioVet, the trusted supplier of veterinary medication, foods and animal care products.

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The Armitage plastic cat bowl diner has polished finish, with a modest design to look great in any home. Plastic cat food bowls can be more suitable, as seeing their reflection in a steel cat bowl can frighten felines, putting them off their food! Size: Double Diner 19cm Diameter. Colours may vary.

Description. Good Girl Double Diner Cat Bowl is a classic bowl that is great for food and water, or for feeding two cats at the same time. Made out of durable plastic that is easy to clean, these striking bowls will really liven up your cat’s feeding time.

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