Beaphar Flea Fumigator

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Pet-Supermarket provides a host of flea & tick treatment solutions for cats & kittens from trusted brands such as Advantage, Frontline & Effipro.Our veterinary-strength solutions using sprays and pipettes will prevent infestations and protect the inhabitants of your home. We also offer combs & tick removers which are effective at manually removing stubborn pests from your pet’s skin.

The most common external parasite affecting dogs is the flea. Every dog will pick up the occasional flea. Given the chance, fleas breed and can build up huge populations during the summer. They often go unnoticed until there seems to be a massive flea outbreak, which then takes a while to eradicate.

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Shop for flea and tick treatments for dogs. Spend £29 or more for free delivery. Great prices on major brands including Frontline, Advantage, Indorex & Effipro.

The Pet Market – suppliers of all animal foods, bird seeds and accessories to the pet trade. Catering for dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits, hamsters etc. we have over 14,000 products available.

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